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Rock star rages against popular Seattle dive bar for denying him entry

Rage Against the Machine guitarist, Tom Morello, Tweeted that Seattle's dive bar/greasy spoon, 5 Point Cafe, is the "WORST" after he was denied entry into the over-packed bar. The 5 Point Cafe's owner reacts.

Kim Shepard takes a trip to Seattle's second pot shop

Seattle got its second legal pot shop on Wednesday. KIRO Radio anchor Kim Shepard went down to check out the action.

Don O'Neill: Stop celebrating mediocrity when it comes to the Mariners

Even when it was official that the Mariners were out of postseason contention as the Oakland A's clinched the last wild-card spot half way through the Mariners final game of the season, fans still offered the Mariners a standing ovation.

A Seattle sign language interpreter wants to end police brutality against the deaf

A Seattle sign language interpreter says too many deaf people have been assaulted and arrested by police officers who didn't know they were deaf, and thought they were being defiant. So she is crossing the country, training police officers in 54 cities on basic sign language and reminding them to be aware of the deaf community.

Seattle police dispute reports staffing limiting north-end burglary investigations

The Seattle Police Department insists it's not turning a blind eye to burglaries in the north end, despite reports the north precinct is too short staffed to investigate most incidents.

Nurse plans to ease pain of saying goodbye with 'Ladybug House'

After 30 years holding the hands of parents and children as they say "I love you" one last time, a local nurse wants to make saying goodbye a little easier.

Repairing tiny, broken hearts

Hundreds of newborn babies with heart defects are about to take part in research headed by Seattle Children's Hospital that could change the way young cardiac patients are treated in the future.

Ron: Marshawn Lynch's lack of interest in fame is refreshing

Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch gave a very rare 10-minute interview to 710 ESPN Seattle's "The Barbershop" on Monday. Listening to Lynch's comments about his shyness in the media, KIRO Radio's Ron Upshaw reflected on how rare it is in this day and age for someone to not be interested in fame.

Downtown Seattle hotel manager pushes for no-panhandling zone

A Seattle hotelier is pushing for a no-panhandling zone after being attacked downtown for the second time.

Using the 12th Man spirit to save lives in Zambia

World Vision is hoping "Flash Philanthropy" and the spirit of the 12th Man will help complete desperately needed medical facilities in Zambia.

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